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DMQ – DSC2 Approved Witnessing

Deer Management Qualified Approved Witnessing

We offer witnessing for you to complete your DMQ – DSC 2 E-portfolio 


To register for DSC2 you must first have obtained DSC1. You may register with any  Assessment Centre for DSC2, you do not have to register with the Centre you signed up with for DSC1. When you register you will be issued with access to your electronic portfolio. It is then your responsibility to complete it.

You have 3 years from the date of registering to complete your evidence gathering. If you take longer than that you will have to re-register and there will be a further fee to pay

If you registered after April 1st 2021 you will only have to complete 1 witnessed stalk but this stalk will need to complete all of the criteria that was covered in 3 witnessed stalks before this date. If you registered before this date and still have 2 or 3 stalks to complete and can re-register (and pay again) and just complete 1. You may choose any Approved Witness from the current DMQ AW list.

For current details of all DMQ qualifications & requirements visit the DMQ website

NB. All legal requirements of land access, insurance, FAC – rifle caliber etc. must be shown before witnessing can take place.

Once you have completed the DSC 1 and applied to start your DSC 2 contact us for more information.

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