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Wild Deer Management

“Deer eat for a living – they are Vegetarians”

Conifer Deer Damage - Rutland Deer Management -Header

Deer destroy millions of  £’s worth of agricultural crops, forestry and market gardens on an annual basis, they also devastate thousands of private gardens around the country and if left to their own devices they will destroy livelihoods and entire ecosystems. That is why good and effective deer management is so essential not only for farming and other rural economies but also for the deer themselves as without control of numbers over breeding will lead to undernourishment and disease through depletion of food sources and sustainable habitat.

Escalating deer numbers are linked to road traffic accidents which include human fatalities and higher insurance premiums in high deer population areas. So lack of effective deer management effects everyone without exception. We can help enhance what you have to create a supplemental income while allowing the deer population to flourish without causing economic losses to your operation.

Hockering Coppice Browsing - Rutland Deer Management

Above left, the fenced in “Ex-closure” shows undamaged Hazel coppice while on the right regrowth has been decimated by Roe Deer & Muntjac browsing (Norfolk Woodland)