Rutland Deer & Wildlife Management

Fallow Management

Fallow “The Roving Destroyer of Crops and Woodland”

Fallow deer are herding animals and they eat vast amounts of food with each animal requiring 5kgs of vegetation each and every day, they roam the land in herds sometimes as big as 400 animals with devastating effects to arable crops and native woodlands.

If you have a Fallow or any other deer species problem Rutland Deer Management can help with assessing the deer numbers on the Farm and in the Woodlands. We can monitor their movements with the latest technology and put together a management plan for you. Please don’t leave them to multiply as very soon you will have a major problem!!

If not controlled with a pretty robust management plan they will multiply at an alarming rate, they may not live on your land or in your woods but if they are in the area it is very likely that they will pay you a visit. So if you do have Fallow or other deer on or coming on to your land, you need to control them before they control you and your livelihood !!

Needless to say, we can help you with this so contact us today by using the contact form or by calling us on 07776 – 195958