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Rutland Deer Management – Our Services

Providing Deer & Wild Boar Management services in Rutland, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk & Suffolk and beyond.

“Professional & Highly Qualified, Insured, Trained & Very Effective in Deer & Wild Boar Control & Management for Farmers, Landowners & Foresters”

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Our services can be either a longer term management plan to control numbers and enhance the benefits of Deer and or Boar being on the property or we can organize a more targeted approach to reduce numbers by selective control. We can also help in assessing numbers and compiling cull plans in line with the “Best Practices” guides and give advice on the various financial aspects of Deer & Wild Boar management.

We have lifelong experience in agricultural operations and have managed Deer in the UK for over 40 years as well as winning farming & wildlife conservation awards and having in depth knowledge of Deer management in SSSI woodlands. Our Wild Boar management experience has been gained over the last 15 years while helping manage Wild Boar & Feral Pigs in The United States (Georgia, Florida & Hawaii).

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“Effective and Ethical Wildlife Management Equals Healthy Animals in a Sustainable Habitat”


We can also now supply bespoke wooden hides and viewing boxes for both deer & wild boar control and nature viewing of all species – contact us for details.


“Rutland Deer & Wildlife Management – Working for the Benefit of All”