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Pest & Predator Control

In line with the requirements of many farmers and landowners Rutland Deer & Wildlife Management can offer Pest and Predator control to help lesson damage to trees, crops, livestock, and susceptible and protected species.

Squirrels and Hares destroy more trees than deer and need to be managed if new woodland is to be successful, and there needs to be a balanced approach to Fox control if some of our rarer and endangered species of small mammals and birds are to survive. There is also the economic loss to livestock to be considered by predation and the spreading of harmful diseases not only to farm livestock but to all other wildlife in the British countryside.

The need for “Balance” in nature is crucial as we enter the period of ecosystem recovery, this is essential not only for the animals and plants that surround us but also for our own long-term survival. As without restoring and maintaining this balance, the pivot of nature may well be tipped beyond recovery.

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