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Muntjac Management

Muntjac “The Invasive Alien Raider”

Muntjac, designated as an “Invasive Alien Species” by DEFRA is on the hit list for all landowners and rightly so, they may look cute but be assured they are far from harmless little animals !!

If you have a Muntjac problem Rutland Deer Management can help with assessing the deer numbers on the Farm, in the Woodland or even just in your Garden. We can monitor their movements with the latest technology and put together a management plan for you. Please don’t leave them to multiply as very soon you will have a major problem!!

Read the facts about Muntjac deer below:

“The fact is that Muntjac deer are voracious thugs which destroy everything in their path. To them, a well-stocked garden is the equivalent of a Michelin-starred restaurant” (Daily Mail). They will strip bark from fruit trees and devour crops as if cut by a mowing machine.

They multiply at an alarming rate and follow no set seasonal breeding routine like the other 5 species of deer resident in Great Britain.

Muntjac can live in high densities in small spaces and, increasingly, one of their preferred habitats are road and motorway verges — which has led to more traffic accidents. Deer cause between 50,000 and 70,000 road accidents each year in England and Wales — and a third are caused by Muntjac. These collisions impact everyone who drives and insures a vehicle on our roads as premiums rise because of them.

At least ten people are killed each year in deer-related accidents and 700 injured.

However, in many cases, insurers won’t pay up if a driver’s car is damaged because under the small print of policies, they are not covered, since the deer are owned by no one and are no one’s responsibility.

If you do have Muntjac on your land, you need to control them before they control you and your livelihood !!

Needles to say, we can help you with this so contact us today by using the contact form or by calling us on 07776 – 195958